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Turkish Lamb and Bean Casserole Recipe (Kuru Fasulye)

A very popular traditional Turkish dish that is cooked at every home and in traditional restaurants. This is the most common version which uses lamb but other versions use sucuk (spicy sausage) and pastrami (pastirma) We soak beans a night before to make sure it cooks easier and digestible. We cook bean and meat seperately and mix them together at the end and cook little bit more. Don’t be discouraged long cooking time, this is still a very easy dish. We just need time more than work since cooking beans take time. Bon Appetite

Ezo Bride Red Lentil Soup Recipe-Ezogelin Corbasi

A classical Anatolian Turkish soup that is made with Lentil and Bulgur. This soup has been called Ezo bride soup. According to the story this soup was created by woman called Ezo. Some stories say that she created this soup after she had to eat blunt food in a hospital but there are more romantic stories where they say she had to leave her husband that she loved so much and had to marry somebody else and had to go to live in another town where she was very homesick. In all these stories she is the one who created this soup. It seems that she was also poor but she proved that we can create a very delicious meal out of very cheap ingredients. There are different versions of this soup but I found this version to be most delicious. If you are vegetarian you can use vegetable broth or plain water . If you are not vegetarian you can use bone broth or chicken broth. I first wash red lentils very good. You …

Turkish Lentil Patties (Meatballs)-Mercimekli Kofte

This is a dish that is popular at homes when housewives get together during the day. I used to eat these patties at least once each week after I came back from school. Sometimes it was my mom’s but sometimes it was neighbor’s meatballs. The bulgur we use here is very fine, you might find this type of bulgur in Middle Eastern or Turkish groceries. Red bell pepper paste can also be found in Middle eastern groceries. We serve it with lettuce and lemon. Before eating you can squeeze lemon on lentil patties and wrap it with lettuce. Parsley and spring onions are the basis of these meatballs but optionally you can also add cilantro and basil.

Turkish Dolma Recipe: Stuffed Cabbage

This version of dolma uses white cabbage. It is a very popular home dish in winter. We make both meat and vegetarian version. This recipe belongs to Musa Dagdeviren and this is from his cookbook Turkish Cookbook . Here I am sharing my experience with this recipe. You can find red bell pepper paste and coarse bulgur wheat in Middle Eastern markets. Whole Foods and healthy food markets selling bulgur too. Red bell pepper paste is something you always need if you are into Turkish or Middle Eastern cooking. We serve many meat version dolmas with yoghurt. 40 white cabbage leaves 1 whole rack of lamb ribs 60 ml olive oil (1/4 cup) For the stuffing 150 g coarse bulgur wheat (if you can’t find you can use white rice) 2 medium yellow onions (finely diced) 6 garlic cloves(finely diced) 450 g (1 pound) lamb, finely diced 1 tbsp red bell pepper paste 1 tbsp tomato paste 1/2 tbsp dried chilli (red pepper) flakes

Turkish Dolma-Stuffed Bell Peppers with Meat

Dolma means “filled, stuffed in Turkish and comes from the verb “doldurmak” -to stuff. In Turkey  we stuff any vegetable we can find. We make and eat both vegan and meat version. Meat version is consumed like stew and served hot and with yoghurt. Vegan version is served at room temperature or cold. Spices or herbs we use might be different depending on the vegetable we use. For bell peppers parsley might be a good choice but for zucchini dolmas dill might be a better option.

Turkish Kale Dolma with Meat (Stuffed Kale Wrap)

Dolma is a very popular dish in Turkey. We probably use any vegetable that can be stuffed to make dolma. The most popular dolma dish is done with grape leaves. It has both vegetarian and meat versions. This kale dolma is not very popular all over Turkey but Blacksea region. My mother used to make kale dolmas for my father but I never liked them. She would make grape leaf version for me but she would add couple kale dolmas between grape leaves since kale was more nutritious than grape leaves. I actually started to like kale dolmas more when I grew up and developed more diverse taste. Kale’s bitterness is adding another dimension to dolma.There are many variations for the stuffing recipe, so this is my take. Feel free to try your own version by changing things out. For instance you can’t take out pepper paste if you can’t find this ingredient.These freeze well. When I find good kale, I end up making lots of kale dolmas and I freeze them and then heat it …

Turkish Pita Flatbread Recipe

Turkish Pita Bread Recipe

In Turkey our bakeries bake a special kind of pita called “Ramazan pidesi”. Since this pita is only available only 1 month during the year, people form lines in front of the bakery. Most of the line are formed by people who fast and they are waiting to pick up their fresh, warm pita before breaking their fast. Rest of the line is not fasting, they are just excited with this amazing pita that is only coming out during religious fasting period. When I was fasting in USA, this pita was the only thing I missed in Ramadan. I found a recipe on site and have been doing this pita since 2007. Here I am sharing this recipe with you, after you bake it, you can freeze it and heat it in the oven whenever you want. This pita is more delicious from other versions because it has milk in it:) Recipe is below and you can also watch our video