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Turkish Green Lentil Dish

This is a very easy and delicious stew that incorporates green lentil, orzo and cumin. Orzo is optional but it enhances taste of green lentils. It is one of the popular dishes at Turkish homes because it is very quick to do if you have soaked lentils a night before. We eat it as a main dish with other dishes like root celery salad. It is a protein dish without any need for meat. You can use chicken, meat or vegetable stock when you cook it. Or you can just use plain water and you will still have a delicious and nutritious dish. With plain water or vegetable stock this dish becomes a simple vegan dish.

Turkish Lamb and Bean Casserole Recipe (Kuru Fasulye)

A very popular traditional Turkish dish that is cooked at every home and in traditional restaurants. This is the most common version which uses lamb but other versions use sucuk (spicy sausage) and pastrami (pastirma) We soak beans a night before to make sure it cooks easier and digestible. We cook bean and meat seperately and mix them together at the end and cook little bit more. Don’t be discouraged long cooking time, this is still a very easy dish. We just need time more than work since cooking beans take time. Bon Appetite