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Baba Ganoush Recipe

Amazing Eggplant Dip Recipe Do you like hummus? Do you like tahin? Then this recipe is great for you. If you know how to make hummus, then you know how to make this recipe. You just replace chickpeas with roasted eggplant. For me roasting is the best way to cook eggplants. In Turkey we roast eggplants and mix it with different ingredients. BabaGanoush is one of them. Naturally vegan and gluten free. See the recipe below.

Muhammara Dip Recipe

Amazing, delicious and healthy dip recipe that you can use in your dinner parties. Naturally vegan and gluten free. This is a popular recipe all over Middle East and especially good companion in the Raki dinners as meze. We combine roasted red pepper with roasted walnuts. Then we add pomegranate molasses which can be found in Middle Eastern grocery stores. If you can find please also add pepper paste which is also popular product in Middle Eastern grocery stores. All you need to do is some grilling and mixing ingredients in the food processor. Some ingredients like cumin and tahini is optional, so add these ingredients if you really like them:) If you have grill roast red peppers there or bake them in the oven. You can also buy roasted peppers from the store. If you do not have time to roast walnuts, you can add them raw. It will still be delicious See the recipe below

Celery Root Salad with Yoghurt Sauce

Turkish homes use vegetables more than meat. We also make lots of different vegetable salads. This recipe uses root of the celery with yoghurt sauce combines with walnuts. It is a healthy side dish that you can eat with your main dishes. It is also served as meze. I serve it next to Green Lentil Dish, they combine each other very well and creates a complete nutritious meal.

Turkish Dolma-Stuffed Bell Peppers with Meat

Dolma means “filled, stuffed in Turkish and comes from the verb “doldurmak” -to stuff. In Turkey  we stuff any vegetable we can find. We make and eat both vegan and meat version. Meat version is consumed like stew and served hot and with yoghurt. Vegan version is served at room temperature or cold. Spices or herbs we use might be different depending on the vegetable we use. For bell peppers parsley might be a good choice but for zucchini dolmas dill might be a better option.

Turkish Kale Dolma with Meat (Stuffed Kale Wrap)

Dolma is a very popular dish in Turkey. We probably use any vegetable that can be stuffed to make dolma. The most popular dolma dish is done with grape leaves. It has both vegetarian and meat versions. This kale dolma is not very popular all over Turkey but Blacksea region. My mother used to make kale dolmas for my father but I never liked them. She would make grape leaf version for me but she would add couple kale dolmas between grape leaves since kale was more nutritious than grape leaves. I actually started to like kale dolmas more when I grew up and developed more diverse taste. Kale’s bitterness is adding another dimension to dolma.There are many variations for the stuffing recipe, so this is my take. Feel free to try your own version by changing things out. For instance you can’t take out pepper paste if you can’t find this ingredient.These freeze well. When I find good kale, I end up making lots of kale dolmas and I freeze them and then heat it …